The Top Article of the Week

If you're like most personal trainers, sales is your least favorite part of the job.

It's also likely the most important part of your job. Most personal trainers need to make their own sales in order to have any income whatsoever.

So how does a personal trainer with no sales training become a master at the game?

Pete Dupuis here to save the day, with this week's top article.

General Health

Squat Variations To Fix Your Problem Areas -- Zach Long

Aaron Davis On Assessment Monitoring And Fatigue --Mike Robertson

Detraining is a Bastard. This is How You Deal. -- James Fell

5 Life-Changing Nutrition Tips for New Moms-- Jessie Mundell, Girls Gone Strong

Why Strength Training is SO Important as You Start Aging-- John Falkinder

Strength Training

Are You Using Your Lats? -- Chad Aichs, EliteFTS

10 Keys To A Big Bench Press (Part 1)  -- Tony Bonvechio

The Path To Anti Fragility -- Chris Duffin, EliteFTS

Fat Loss

Stop Making Fat Loss So Complicated -- Bryan Krahn

Peak Week Depletion Phase -- Steve Hall

How to Eat Less (But Enjoy Your Food Just As Much) -- Tom Ewer

5 Surprising Things You Should Never Eat If You’re Wanting to Lose Fat -- Aadam Ali


Avoid These Personal Training Referral Program Mistakes -- Ryan Ketchum

Sometimes You Just Need To Stop Talking -- Erica Suter

Why Do Trainers Have Clients Do Odd Looking Exercises? -- Brian Kent, National Academy of Sports Medicine