The Top Article of the Week

Taking criticism can be a difficult thing. It can also be just the thing you need. In this weeks top article of the week Cressey explains the important role constructive criticism played early on in his life and how it helped him transform into a better coach, person, and mentor.  


General Health

The One Thing Your Glutes Are Missing -- Bryan Krahn

6 Benefits of Sled Pulls -- Mike Dewar

Ways to Improve Your Deadlift without Deadlifting -- Tony Gentilcore


Strength Training

The Importance of the Lats in the Deadlift -- Greg Nuckols

75 – Attentional Theories of Choking Under Pressure Revisited II: Integrative Theories  -- Rob Gray

The 5 Most Common Programming Myths -- Nick Tumminello

Fat Loss

5 Damaging Myths (and what to do instead)  -- Sylvia Best,

What Coffee Can Teach You About the Food Industry -- Aadam Ali

The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine – Is it Good for Your Health? -- John Falkinder,


The Success is in the Struggle -- Eric Cressey

How We Learn -- Jennifer Pilotti

5 Ways Gym Screw Over Personal Trainers -- Dani Singer