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When you first entered the industry, you thought you were decently educated in fitness. As you gained experience and knowledge, you became aware of just how much you didn't know, which is why you set out to educate yourself about anything and everything related to fitness. It's probably why you started reading this list. You had questions and you wanted answers.

You eventually found the answers -- rather, the answer -- to every fitness question since the beginning of time: "It depends." Absolutism is abundant in our industry, but we need to keep in mind that different clients, different goals, different bodies, different situations do not all call for the same answer. So, if the term "muscle stiffness" instinctively makes you think "No good!", you'll definitely want to check out this week's top article, courtesy of Tony Gentilcore.

General Health

10 Commandments of Injury Prevention -- John Rusin, T-Nation

We've Been Coddling Our Insecurities For Too Long -- Lee Boyce

5 Spine-Sparing Strength and Conditioning Program Strategies -- Eric Cressey

You Can Get Fit in a Quarter Hour -- Tom Kelso, Breaking Muscle

Strength Training is Prehab -- Michael Mash

Strength Training

Deconstructing The Lunge: Fix Your Lunges With These Simple Steps -- Meghan Callaway

Coaching Deadlifts: On Cueing and Exercises to Improve Range of Motion -- Lee Boyce, PTDC

Why There is NOTHING Wrong With the Dreaded Knee Extension Exercise -- Jarod Hall

The Top 5 Mobility Needs For The Olympic Weightlifter -- Zach Long

Tapering and Peaking: Why and How -- Brandon Roberts


Genetically Modified Organisms -- Brad Dieter

The Facts About Fat -- Anjula Razdan

How Plant Protein Differs from Animal Protein -- Breaking Muscle

Is It Bad to Eat Before Bed? -- Taylor Jones, Authority Nutrition


Muscle Tension for Max Gains -- Jorden Pagel

Tip: When to Train to Failure, When to Avoid It -- Charles Staley, T-Nation

Training Glutes On The Smith Machine -- Bret Contreras

The Gritty Workout Your Upper Body Needs -- Nick Tumminello, Bodybuilding.com

Fat Loss

Meal Plans Usually Suck. Here Are 6 Better Ways To Transform Your Diet -- Brian St. Pierre, Precision Nutrition

Juice Plus+ Is A Big Fucking Minus -- James Fell

Fat Loss Made Easy: 5 Simple Ways To Accelerate Fat Loss -- Ryan Wood