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You can't measure a client's potential for success by her enthusiasm. After all, every client walks into the gym thinking she's ready for change -- she may even say she'll work out every day, change all of her meals, and start drinking water all day instead of soda. But when the novelty of her new gym, her new work outs, and her new trainer wear off, will she still be as dedicated?

It's more than likely that your clients are not fully ready for change -- they may know why they would benefit from change, but they may be unable to see how that will look in their actual lives. It's your task to get them to the next level of readiness as quickly as you can. Even if you already know the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, applying it in a fitness setting can be tricky. This week, Dave Smith breaks down practical ways to use the Transtheoretical Model with clients, right down to what questions to ask to insure you're accurately assessing client readiness right from the start.

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