The Top Article of the Week

What does it take for a client to make a radical shift in his/her daily health habits?

Let me ask you a better question -- what does it take for a woman's cheating ex-husband to becomes her closest and most trusted friend?

Curious? Read on in the top fitness article of the week, by Jill Coleman.

General Health

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“Bigorexia” – How the Media Promotes Muscle Dysmorphia in Men -- James Fell

6 Health And Fitness Stupidity Taxes You Need To Stop Paying -- James Fell

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Strength Training

Building Muscle on Keto: Can You Build Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet? -- Christian Finn

Women’s Maximum Muscular Potential  -- Lyle McDonald

4 Expert Tips For Women to Build Muscle Definition Without Looking Bulky  -- Rudy Mawer

Fat Loss

The Alternating Spike Method for Fat Loss -- Kevin Mullins

How To Tell You Need A Break From Dieting (And How To Do It) -- Rudy Mawer

“How do I get rid of belly fat?” -- Joy Victoria


6 Reasons You Should Never Open a Gym -- John Romano, T-Nation

A Time Management Tool For Fitness Business Owners -- Ryan Ketchum, Fitness Revolution Nation

The Art of Sharing: Providing Educational Materials to Your Clients -- Karen Nathan, ACE

7 Ways Copywriting Is Crucial For Your Fitness Business (blog posts) -- Nicola Joyce

9 Fitness Experts You Must Follow On Instagram Who Don’t Post Bullsh*t -- Scott Baptie