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The Top Article of the Week

3 Reasons Athletes Get Injured -- Mike Robertson

We now have more fitness research than ever before. This statement will always be true, no matter when it is stated, since our collection of data only grows. We only become more knowledgeable. But can a similar claim be made for our effectiveness as trainers? In other words, is our accumulation of knowledge translating into better results with our clients?

In most cases, probably yes. But at times we can become so obsessed with the nitty gritty details that we lose sight of the bigger picture -- of what actually matters. We can become obsessed with treating the symptom instead of the cause. When this happens, we must take a step back to regain perspective. In this week's top article, Mike Robertson will help you do just that with regard to your client's injuries. So take a step back and think; was your client's ACL tear solely a result of a large "Q-angle", or might there be something bigger going on?

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