The Top Article of the Week


Functional a topic that has been beat to death. Naturally, you might read the above title, let out a befitting "ugh", and skip the week's top article. Don't.

Jesse McMeekin's article landed spot number one this week because in it, he somehow manages to bring new perspective to an old topic. The important piece is not so much whether functional training is good or bad. What matters is how you define "functional training" and its accompanied goal. The beauty here is that whether you're a functional trainer or you laugh at the idea, McMeekin will cause you to pause and reflect. He'll challenge you to develop a clearer understanding of your own answers to the following three questions: 1) What, if anything, must we "fix" in our clients? 2) What is the origin/rationalization behind our methods of "fixing"? 3) What is our end goal? what exactly does a functional body look like (a.k.a. a "fixed" client)? Dig in.

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