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The Top Article of the Week


This week the top article is something a little different from the usual anatomy lessons, debates and detailed nutrition knowledge - it's something so fundamental but often overlooked for both Personal Trainers and fitness professionals alike. It's all about how to improve your communication skills, more specifically relevant to lead generation and making initial contact with potential clients. The tips inside are more practical than much of the theory taught in Personal Trainer qualification courses, and can be applied to your business immediately.


Optimal muscle contraction for more muscle part II, practice -- Anthony Dexmier

"More Muscle Growth: More Density" -- Kevin Mullens

10 Ways to Gain Muscle -- Bill Geiger, Bodybuilding.com

The V-Taper Workout -- Christian Thibaudeau & Chris Shugart, T-Nation


Strength Training

12 Ways to Know if You Should Include an Exercise in a Strength Training Program -- Eric Cressey

Quick Guide to Minimalist High Performance Lifting -- Eric Bach

The Feet Elevated Bench Press is Way Better Than the Floor Press (Here's Why) -- Jordan Syatt

6 Ways To Develop Your Grip Strength for Better Results -- Karen Smith, GGS

Powerlifting Stuff You Think Matters But Doesn't -- Chad Wesley Smith

General Health

What We Can Learn From Vegans: Identity-based Motivation -- Vania Hau

4 Reasons Women Must Deadlift -- Lee Boyce, T-Nation

Coaching tricks for hypermobile chicks (and guys too, of course) -- Joy Victoria

Why Fitspiration Is Killing Your Motivation -- Lawrence Judd, Shredded By Science

Fat Loss

Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked By Science -- Luke Briggs

Why you need strength training to lose fat for good -- Phil Heather

6 Problems of Fat Loss -- Stuart Aitken, JMax Fitness

Six Blind Men, One Elephant And An Educated Guess -- Gregg Slater, Shredded by Science

Are You Ready for a Diet Break? -- Jason Helmes



Drink This, Not That! -- TC Luoma, T-Nation

11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Eating Fish -- Joe Leech, Authority Nutrition

The Perfect Carb for Lifters -- Nate Miyaki

Lost at the Grocery Store? Introducing the Nerd Fitness Pantry. -- Noel Fernando, Nerd Fitness

How the food industry spins science to fits its agenda -- Andy Bellatti, Examine.com