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The Top Article of the Week

Beyond Butt Wink: Hip Shape, Injuries, and Individual Ability Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 -- Dean Somerset


Dean Somerset's post here on thePTDC, How to Fix "Butt Wink" in the Squat, showed us that butt wink isn't always the result of tight hamstrings. Instead, he showed us that it's really about hip anatomy. This week, he was determined to look at the research to address three things: hip structure variations & related injury risks (Part 1), self-assessment methods for hip shape and range of motion (Part 2), and how to optimize your performance to while working within your limits (Part 3).


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Strength Training

5 Simple Cues for a Bigger Deadlift -- Adam Pine, Bach Performance

Dynamic Effort Training - Why You NEED To Use It -- Stephen Hall, Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

7 Ways to Increase Your Training Density -- Eric Cressey

Bulgarian Training Simplified -- Christian Thibaudeau, T-Nation

3 Reasons Why the Half-Kneeling Position Will Improve Your Training -- Quinn Henoch, JTS Strength

General Health

Moms, Here's How to Get Your Daughter Interested in Exercise -- Lance Goyke

It's Not The Dad "Bod" That's The Problem - It's The Dad "Mindset" -- Jason Helmes

The 10 Most Hotly Debated Fitness Topics (#2 really gets people going) -- Travis Pollen, thePTDC.com

Why We Lift -- Dani Shugart, T-Nation

3 Exercises for Invincible Shoulders -- Tim Berzins, JMax Fitness

Fat Loss

Flexible Dieting and Foods that are Truly High in Protein -- Bret Contreras

Why Having to Start Over - AGAIN - Is Great -- Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness

How Many Meals A Day Should You Eat For Fat Loss -- Brian Compton, Fact & Fitness

How Over-Dieting Can Damage Your Health -- Brooke Kalanick Larson, GGS

15 Lessons on Leaning Out -- Eric Cressey


How eating better can make you happier -- Kamal Patel, Examine.com

Gluten-Free Diets: Real Science Vs. Bro Science -- Parker Hyde, Krissy Kendall, Bodybuilding.com

It won't kill you to grill. Grilling the safest, most delicious food (without the health risks). -- Brian St. Pierre, Precision Nutrition

The Nordic Diet: An Evidence-Based Review -- Joe Leech, Authority Nutrition