The Top Article of the Week

Stop. Do you read this list week after week?

Yeah? Awesome. Now let me ask you this -- why do you read it? Is it because deep down some tiny part of you maybe, kind-of... thinks you're a fraud, just waiting to be exposed?

That, my friend, is what we call impostor syndrome. We've highlighted it on this list before, and today we'll do it again. Look, impostor syndrome -- that feeling that you've duped everyone around you into thinking your legit -- strikes in every profession, but it's particularly pervasive in the personal training industry. Why? Because there is no "right" way to do almost any part of the job.

So here's what I want you to do:

1) Read Jon Goodman's article linked above and get your confidence straight.

2) Tear through the rest of this week's list as usual -- except do so not because you're a fraud. Do so because you're an awesome trainer, and you're committed to becoming even more awesome.


General Health

The 5 Biggest Lies The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know -- Nardia Norman

Women Are Not Delicate Flowers. Stop Telling Us To ''Be Careful'' -- Meghan Callaway

6 Mistakes Trainers Make When Coaching Pregnant Clients -- Jessie Mundell, Girls Gone Strong

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The One Minute Workout: Is 60 Seconds All You Need? -- Christian Finn

Strength Training

Body Type Revisited : A New Way To Think About The Endomorph, Ectomorph, And Mesomorph -- Tom Venuto

Your Ab Work is Making You Look Fat and Setting You Up For Injury -- Kyle Arsenault

Ask Eirik: What Can I Do to Fix My Quad-Dominant Squat? -- Eirik Garnas

Build Your Butt With This Single Leg Hip Thrust You Likely Haven't Seen Before -- Meghan Callaway

13 Training Tips To Build A Bigger, Stronger Back -- Alex Mullan, JMax Fitness

Fat Loss

Fasted Cardio...An Undeserved Good Reputation -- James Krieger

You Don't Need A Detox. But I Know Why You Want One, So Do This Instead -- Amy Dix

Hierarchy of Success -- Chris Cooper, AMP

How High Intensity Interval Training Helps You Lose Weight -- James Fell


How to Choose a Personal Trainer Who Isn't Full of Sh*t -- Anthony J Yeung,

Why An Online Training Business Might Be Right For You (And 3 Mistakes When Building One) -- Jonathan Goodman,

5 Steps to Ask for Client Feedback and Improve Your Personal Training -- Hayden Perno, The PTDC

The 8 Most Effective Coaching Cues That You Aren't Using -- John Rusin