The Top Article of the Week

When we think of overindulgence, we typically think of it as something which should be avoided.

Can there be benefits to overindulgence and if so, what are they?

Read on to find out in this week's top article.

General Health

The Science of Caffeine: Illustrated -- Aadam Ali

"Small Wins" Are Critical For Goal Attainment -- James Fell

5 Considerations When Training Clients With Pelvic Organ Prolapse-- Haley Shevener, Girls Gone Strong

Authenticity is the only way-- Neghar Fonooni

The Power of Being a Willing Participant With the Body’s Plan -- Jessi Kneeland

Strength Training

The Nocebo Effect: Are You (Unknowingly) Thinking Your Way to Failure? -- Nia Shanks

Coaching Your First Powerlifting Meet-- Jeremy Augusta, Elite FTS

Striving for “Perfect Posture?” Choose Movement Variability Instead! -- Ellie Somers, Girls Gone Strong

Does Lifting Weights Make Women Huge? -- Pat Flynn

The END Of Bad Training Days -- Joe Huskey, Healthy Living Heavy Lifting


Fat Loss

The Ketogenic Diet: Is Going Low-Carb For You? -- Matt Mearns, Food For Fitness

Tip: Get Ripped with the Proximity Effect -- Chris Shugart

Does Muscle Turn into Fat? -- Jennifer Petrosino, Ellite FTS



Collect More Effective Testimonials -- Pete Dupuis

3 Tips To Figure Out What To Charge Your Clients -- Shelcy V. Joseph, Forbes

The Most Radical View On Money -- Erica Suter