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The Top Article of the Week

Find a Way -- Dean Somerset, deansomerset.com

In this week's top article, Dean Somerset offers everything we need right now. With empathy and understanding, he inspires us to think creatively, with actionable suggestions to help us find our way in uncertain times.


General Health

A Complete Guide to Actually Getting Somewhere With Meditation -- David Cain, Raptitude

Four Ways to Stay Cool in a Crisis --Shane McLean, Balance Guy Training

Red Meat and Human Health -- Alan Flanagan, Sigma Nutrition

Mental and Emotional Training in Times of Rona -- Julia Eyre and Erica Suter, ericasuter.com

How Positioning Affects Mood — Another Thing You Didn't Know About Core Control -- Luke Worthington, tonygentilcore.com


Fat Loss

Seduced by the Scale -- Jason Leenaarts, jasonleenaarts.com

Three Major Principles of Weight Loss -- Tony Montgomery, Elite FTS

Six Conditioning Finishers for New Personal Training Clients -- Brandon Smitley, Elite FTS


Strength Training

How to Make Gains Without a Gym -- Greg Nuckols, Stronger by Science

Six Smarter Ways to Get More Out of Bodyweight Training -- Clifton Harski, drjohnrusin.com

Asymmetry Between Limbs: Does It Really Matter? -- Owen Walker, Science for Sport

How to Make Push-Ups as Effective as Bench Presses --Tom Venuto, Burn the Fat


Why You Must Keep Marketing During the Crisis -- Jay Croft, Fitness Revolution

Five Ways to Succeed as a Part-Time Personal Trainer -- Emily Beers, the PTDC

The Three Cs of Virtual Coaching -- Daniel J. Green, ACE