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When it comes to losing body fat, or achieving virtually any fitness or lifestyle oriented goal, many people fail, not because they are incapable or "lazy," but because they lack self compassion. They blame themselves when they make "mistakes," and deem themselves as hopeless failures. This self defeating mindset is preventing an abundance of people from attaining their ideal body composition, fitness level, health, and the lifestyle that they desire.

As coaches, it is extremely important that we help our clients foster their self compassion, and that we treat each individual as unique. Cookie cutter plans or coaching strategies do not work, nor do plans that fixate purely on calories, macronutrients, and other more technical details. Mindset matters. In fact, research has shown that people who were taught self compassion fared better with long term weight loss than individuals who did not work to develop their self compassion. Justin Kompf discusses just how important self compassion is, and how coaches can help their clients achieve a mindset that will be conducive to long term weight loss success.

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