The Top Article of the Week

Every successful fitness professional develops two areas of expertise: fitness and business.

One set of life skills is required for both.

General Health

The Lifter’s Guide to Caffeine -- Eric Trexler, Stronger by Science

Rethink Your Warm-Up: Make the Most of Pre-Game and Half-Time Warm-Up Strategies -- James De Lacey, Science for Sport

Finding Success in Failure -- Harold Gibbons,

Food Guilt -- Jessi Kneeland,


Fat Loss

Are Protein Shakes Really Bad for You? -- TC Luoma, T Nation

Facts on Fat Burning Supplements -- Christian Thibaudeau, T Nation

Chris Pratt’s Weight Loss Story: Separating Fact from Fiction -- Christian Finn, Muscle Evo

Strength Training

Adjusting to Life Post Hip Replacement -- Bryan Mann, Elite FTS

WTF Is “Load Management"? -- Travis Pollen, Fitness Pollenator

The Secret to Your First Squat Is Feeling Great Doing It -- Jesse Irizarry, Breaking Muscle



What’s the Best Online Personal Training Software? -- Jonathan Goodman, the PTDC