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Your clients' results depend on a whole host of factors, including the obvious training programme and nutrition, and still obvious but often overlooked, such as adherence (i.e. your clients' ability to stay on plan). This week's top pick justifies the reasons why the latter is more important, and includes actionable steps that you can implement to improve your own clients' adherence to their plan. No matter how technically perfect on paper a plan could be, it will only be perfect if the client can follow it.


Is Dairy Deadly? -- Dr. Alison Chen ND

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Whey Protein -- Atti Arnarson, Authority Nutrition

Use the 95:5 Rule To Forever Ignore All Further Healthy Living Advice -- Yoni Freedhoff

General Health

3 Ways to Create Context for More Effective Coaching -- Tony Bonvechio, EricCressey.com

Why You Must Sprint -- Eric Bach

Why "Feast or Fast" is Better than "Slow and Steady" -- Alistair Clark, Roman Fitness Systems

How important is psychological stress for your gains? -- Fredrik Tonstad VÃ¥rvik, BretContreras.com

The Trainer-Client Relationship -- Tony Gentilcore



Training Volume - What We Can Learn From Jägermeister -- Gregg Slater, Shredded by Science

3 Ways to Build Lean Muscle With Bodyweight Exercise -- Todd Kuslikis, Breaking Muscle

Combine These Exercises For Insane Gains -- Nick Tumminello, Bodybuilding.com

Maximal Mass, Minimal Time -- Eric Bach, T-Nation


Strength Training

Assessing our Assessments: Shoulder Flexion -- Tony Gentilcore

Random Thoughts on Anatomy -- Dean Somerset

Stability-Ball Exercises: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- Nick Tumminello

Are You Ready for Overhead Pressing? -- Karen Smith, GGS

How to Prevent Crossfit Injuries -- Dr. John Rusin with Gray Cook, T-Nation


Fat Loss

Training and Nutrition for Fat Loss: The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide -- Jordan Syatt

Glutton Free: No, That's Not a Typo -- Jonathan Acosta, TonyGentilcore.com

Is Obesity a Choice? -- Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

When It's Better Not to Make Progress on the Scale: A Mathematical Look -- Dick Talens

Your Most Important Workout for Fat Loss: Your Nutrition -- Sean Armstrong