The Top Article of the Week

How Coaches Can Create Impact Beyond the Game -- Reed Maltbie and Erica Suter,

Reed Maltbie and Erica Suter teamed up on a piece teaching coaches how to do better with their athletes.

Swap "coaches" for "trainers," and "athletes" for "clients," and this week's top article will teach you how to create impact beyond the weight floor.


General Health

Are You Tough? -- Tyrel Detweiler, Elite FTS

Four Ways to Live a Healthier Life -- John Falkinder, Steam Train Fitness

Sorta Deep Thoughts on Training, Diet, and Character -- Bryan Krahn,

Have the Butt Muscles of the World Gone Silent? -- Greg Lehman,

Three Fundamental Steps to Keep You Lean for Life -- Aidan D'Arcy, The Body Transformation Academy

Fat Loss

Conquer Your Cravings: Break the Sinister Cycle that Makes You Overeat -- Julia Malacoff and Jennifer Nickle, Precision Nutrition

Guess What? A Single In-Office Visit Encouraging People to Weigh Themselves More Often and Exercise Doesn't Prevent Weight Regain -- Yoni Freedhoff, Weighty Matters

Health and Fitness Is Making a Mess -- Nia Shanks,

Because ... Dad -- Jason Leenaarts, Revolution Fitness and Therapy

My Uncensored Opinion of the Warrior Diet -- Christian Finn, Muscle Evo

Strength Training

Master the Movement Hierarchy -- Jeremiah Bair, Bach Performance

The Truth About “Dangerous” Exercises -- Andrew Heming,

Four Lat-Building Exercises You've Never Tried -- Sivan Fagan, T Nation

Protein Requirements for Muscle Growth -- Lyle McDonald, Body Recomposition

Bodyweight Eccentric Overload for Strength, Size, and Power -- Joel Seedman, Advanced Human Performance



These Are the Best Advanced Personal Training Certifications, According to Personal Trainers -- Lou Schuler, the PTDC