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As trainers, we sometimes forget that certifying organizations and continuing education providers are businesses. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are evil or ill-intentioned, but it does mean that you should take the time to thoroughly research an opportunity before investing in it. Most importantly, continuing education should be seen as just that -- an investment.

So how can you determine whether a given course, seminar, or conference will really benefit your career? In this week's top article, Nick lays out the ground rules for maximizing your continuing education ROI.

General Health

Stop Client Excuses and Change Their Mindset to Help Them Succeed -- Mike Howard, the PTDC

My Top 5 Coaching Cues -- Mike Robertson

5 Things PTs Can Learn from CrossFit -- Georgina Ellis, Health and Fitness Education

One Weird Trick - Avoiding "The Claw" in the Side Plank -- Miguel Aragoncillo

How to Sell High Value Personal Training -- Dan Salcumbe

Strength Training

Top Down Versus Bottom Up Deadlift Set Up -- Dean Somerset

The Holy Grail of Sports Training: EMOM Sets -- Glenn Pendlay, T-Nation

6 Ways Isometric Training Will Make You Better -- Phil Heather, Dominate Fitness Systems

Why Every Endurance Athlete Needs to Strength Train -- Amber Thome, Girls Gone Strong

Take the T-Rex Out of Your Two Handed Kettlebell Swing -- Artemis Scantalides


Mindless Eating: How to Make Healthier Choices Without Thinking -- Patrick Umphrey, Ripped Body

How to Approach Flexible Dieting for Obese Clients -- Mike Samuels

Tip: Find Out If You're Insulin Sensitive -- John Berardi, T-Nation

Creatine: Scam or Staple? -- TC Luoma, T-Nation

The Truth About Food Labels -- Savannah Glasgow, Science Driven Nutrition


Stronger Back = Better Everything -- Tony Gentilcore

Tip: Dump the Seated Leg Extension, Do This Instead -- Tyler Thomas, T-Nation

Why Hamstring Training is the Key to Lower Body Development -- Alex Mullan, Roman Fitness Training

Tip: Build Your Chest With Bands & Iron -- Michael Warren, T-Nation

Fat Loss

Research Review: The Biggest Loser Study. Is it Impossible to Sustain Weight Woss in the Long Term? -- Helen Kollias, Precision Nutrition

How to Overcome Your Weekend Dieting Struggles for Faster Fat Loss -- Ryan Wood

Treat Exercise Like Automatic Investments -- Spencer Nadolsky

Supplement Spotlight: Can CLAs Help Me Lose Fat? -- Jonathan Jordan