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Keto? Paleo? Slow Carb? Vegan? How to Determine the Perfect Diet For You. -- Steve Kamb

It's not just about what our clients eat, it's about how they eat.

How can we help clients make these mental and behavioral shifts?
Find out in this week's top article.

General Health

Physical Morality: Our Obligation To Strengthen Our Bodies -- Shane Trotter, Breaking Muscle

How to Coach People With Specific Health Challenges -- Karen Nathan, ACE

Why I Don’t Use Fitness Trackers -- Christian Finn

I Apologize for What I've Said About Running-- Kevin Mullins


Strength Training

Plant Gains? Advice to the Vegetarian and Vegan Athlete. -- Artin Entezarjou, Stronger By Science

The Do’s, Don’ts, Why’s and How’s of Cutting Weight for Strength Sports -- Tessa Yannone, Girls Gone Strong

Optimal Frequency Training for Hypertrophy -- Tom MacCormick, Breaking Muscle

Lessons From CrossFit: A Panoramic Perspective -- Ross Gilmour, Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting


Fat Loss

Body Fat Tests: Valuable Tool or Total Waste of Time? -- Michael Gregory, JMax Fitness

Optimal Rest Periods for Fat Loss -- Eric Bach

Why You're Not Losing Fat -- Susan Birch, T Nation

The Top 5 Guidelines for Fat Loss -- Alycia Israel



Do You Even Create, Bro? (Why Creativity Helps You Grow) -- Erica Suter

Dominate Your Internship-3 Tips -- Pete Dupuis

How to Market Your Fitness Business -- Ryan Ketchum

Six Fundamental Daily Routines That Will Help You Become Successful-- Skyler Ditchfield, Forbes

4 Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction So You Can Focus on What Really Matters -- Nate Klemp, Entrepreneur