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The Avengers aren't just useful for entertainment purposes, they can provide us with valuable life lessons.

What can we learn from the Avengers about teamwork?

Find out in this week's top article.

General Health

Tip: 3 Ways to Get Your Act Together -- Dan John, T Nation

The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking The Perfect Night's Sleep  -- Kevin Masson, Dr. John Rusin

The Wild West of Supplements -- Jason Maxwell

There Is No Right Decision -- David Cain

Powerful Practices To Help You Love Your Body -- Pamela Hernandez


Strength Training

Why Different Set and Rep Ranges Are Key to Achieving Your Goals -- Ingrid Marcum, Girls Gone Strong

Cardio First, Or Weights First? Let’s Settle This -- Dean Somerset

Skinny and Weak? Here Are the Top 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong. -- Chris Tutela, ELite FTS

Tip: Why Natural Lifters Can't Grow (Much) -- Eric Bach, T nation


Fat Loss

The Best Article You’ll Ever Read About Training & Dieting When On Your Period (FACT)! -- Roy Ritchie, Food for Fitness

How to Lose Your Gut: Straight Talk to The Man Who’s Let Himself Go -- Christian Finn

Get Jacked, Not Skinny Fat -- Tom MacCormick, T Nation



The Importance of Community in Fitness -- Fabi Marier, Girls Gone Strong

How to Grow Your Personal Training Business -- Ryan Ketchum

Business of Fitness: The Art of the Elevator Pitch -- Josh Elsesser, NASM

So You’re Considering Putting Your Name on Your Business...-- Pete Dupuis