The Top Article of the Week

The Lost Art of Adult Play -- Shane McLean,

Think play is just for kids?

Think again.

Read why you and your clients need play in their lives in this week's top article.

General Health

Four Red Flags Your Exercise Is Unhealthy -- Samantha Kellgren, Simply Well Coaching

How to Break a Negative Thought Loop -- Darius Foroux,

Phases of Performance Nutrition -- Tony Montgomery, Elite FTS

Three Lifestyle Shifts After Becoming a Mom -- Samantha Kellgren, Simply Well Coaching

90 Days Without Alcohol - Part 2 -- Suzie Glassman, Eat to Perform


Fat Loss

Please Stop Using These Words to Describe Food and Eating -- Abby Langer, Abby Langer Nutrition

Q&A: Hormonal Contraceptives, Rates of Weight Loss/Weight Gain, Timeline of Training Adaptations -- Greg Nuckols and Eric Helms, Stronger by Science

Diet Breaks: The Secret Sauce of Successful, Long-Term Fat Loss -- Jorden Pagel, Jorden Pagel Fitness

Diet Breaks, Calorie Cycling & Muscle Retention -- Menno Henselmans and Eric Helms, Sigma Nutrition Radio

From the Journal of If Only It Were That Easy: Walking to School Was Not Associated with Lower Weights In 4- to 7-Year-Olds -- Yoni Freedhoff, Weighty Matters

Strength Training

ACL Injury Prevention for Young Female Athletes: Which Programs Work? -- Stephanie Allen, Science for Sport

5 Things to Stop Doing in the Gym -- Lee Boyce, T Nation

Mastering the Mind-Muscle Connection -- Paul Carter, T Nation

GAP Exercises for Less Injury and Higher Performance -- Kyle Arsenault, The Athletic Way

5 Things Beginner and Intermediate Lifters Should Understand -- Chad Aichs, Elite FTS


2 Counterintuitive Sales Tips for Your Gym -- Pete Dupuis,