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It's no secret that most personal trainers don't last. The average trainer earns a certification, excitedly grabs a job at a gym, and then disappointedly exits the industry ~2 years later when things don't turn out as quite as expected.

Then there is the other class of fitness professionals -- those who treat their careers as careers, constantly seeking out opportunities for professional and educational development. If you fit the latter description, you will likely participate in an internship program at some point. Save this list as your all-in-one resource for getting absolutely everything out of that opportunity,

General Health

Addressing the Stone Cold Facts of Training Athletes -- Tony Gentilcore

The Domino Effect: How to Create a Chain Reaction of Good Habits -- James Clear

What You Must Know About Chronic Pain -- Ann Wendel, Girls Gone Strong

You Got Guru'd: Max Relative Trap Bar Deadlift Strength Perfectly Predicts Speed, Power, and Endurance Performance -- Bret Contreras

How To Create an Engaging Facebook Group -- Dan Salcumbe

Strength Training

Why People Need to Deadlift Differently -- Andrew Millett, DrJohnRusin.com

Tip: Do THIS to Rip More Pounds Off the Ground -- Eric Bach, T-Nation

RTS Coaching: The Plate Squat -- Mike Robertson

The Top 5 Bonafide Superstar Push-up Progressions -- Travis Pollen

Build a Savage Squat: The 5 Best Methods -- Derek Binford, T-Nation


The HMB Controversy: Better than Steroids? -- Greg Nuckols

10 Nutrition Myths Debunked -- Krissy Kendall, Bodybuilding.com

What Is Taurine? Benefits, Side Effects and More -- Rudy Mawer, Authority Nutrition

Don't Throw Away That Egg Yolk! -- Paul Salter, Bodybuilding.com

Debunking the Common (Yet Utterly Ridiculous) Myths Women Have about Eating More Protein -- Sarah Jane Adkins, Project Swole


Discussing Muscle Hypertrophy Science With Brad Schoenfeld -- Bret Contreras with Brad Schoenfeld

The 3 Smartest Ways to Train Shoulders -- John Rusin, T-Nation

Student Bodybuilder's Guide to Surviving University --Steve Hall

How to Forge a Posterior Chain Worthy of the Fires of Mordor -- Peter Baker

Fat Loss

Why Your Diet is Doomed to Fail -- James Fell

The Real Reason Everyone's Fat -- Dani Shugart, T-Nation

Does Eating Carbs At Night Affect Fat Loss? -- Garrett Hayden