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The Top Article of the Week

The Most Hated Machine in the Gym -- Paul Carter, T-Nation


The fitness world finally seems to be headed toward a place where blanket statements are no longer useful. Not everyone has to squat the same way. Not everyone has to eat "clean" to reach his goals. Not everyone has to stay away from cardio in fear of losing his gainz. But we still turn our collective noses up at certain exercises, and while many machine exercises have taken some flack, no machine has taken more flack than the Smith machine.

Just like making a blanket statement that no one should do a specific exercise (upright rows, anyone?), making a blanket statement that no one should use the Smith machine seems short-sighted. Want to isolate a muscle group without taxing the secondary and tertiary muscles involved in a lift? There's probably a Smith machine exercise for that. Want to strengthen a specific muscle without being limited by a weakness elsewhere? There's probably a Smith machine exercise for that. This week, Paul Carter argues that the Smith is useful in the right context -- just like any other tool at our disposal in the gym -- and he walks us through the logic behind using the Smith in 8 highly effective ways.

General Health

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Fat Loss

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