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The fact of personal training is that many of our clients are not "athletes," nor have they any desire to be "athletes." We might train parents, young professionals, fat loss clients, and seniors more often than we train athletes. It's imperative to understand that your post-pregnancy clients don't have the same needs as your just-about-at-retirement clients, even if both clients' goals involve fat loss, general health, and overall strength. Training seniors might conjure images of Silver Sneakers classes, complete with lots of seated lightweight curls and unweighted leg extensions.

But the Baby Boomer generation is changing the image of senior fitness. This generation has come of age with more information about exercise, nutrition, and health than generations prior, and this generation did so just as the fitness industry itself was coming of age. Training today's seniors isn't what it used to be -- they might already be moderately fit, they can and want to use free weights, and they want to look good, just like younger clients. There are some things to consider about training this age group, however, and this week, Joe Brigley has ideas for programming and other approaches specific to your Baby Boomer clients.

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