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The Unexpected Joy Of Behaviors -- Krista Scott-Dixon


It's resolution time, and your gym or studio might get an influx of new clients this month, all with goals and 2016 resolutions they wish to achieve. Even your current clients might come in with new goals and hopes for this year. Most people, however, don't know how to actualize their goals; they set goals, but figuring out the steps to get to those goals is beyond them.

That's where you, the coach, step in. While your clients have to actually do the work of taking the steps necessary to get to those resolutions accomplished, they are looking to you to help show them the steps to get there. This week, Krista Scott-Dixon lays out a simple way to help clients formulate the action plan needed to get from resolution to outcome. Her guide is useful for both performance goals and behavior goals, so you can help clients of all kinds buck the notion that resolutions never actually become reality.

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