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The Secrets to Making Fitness Practical (Full 60-Minute Discussion)  -- Dani Singer, Andrew Coates, and Dean Guedo, The Fitness Devil

While our list tends to prioritize full-text articles, we periodically select podcasts and videos, if they contain insights that personal trainers won't want to miss.

This is one of those cases.

Today, we have a full hour-long conversation for you, from coaches Dani Singer, Andrew Coates, and Dean Guedo. In this discussion, you'll learn actionable info regarding:

1) The secrets to making fitness *practical* for your clients, so they achieve lasting results and never forget your name

2) How to build respect and recognition in the rapidly evolving 2019 fitness industry (and how to approach unhelpful attacks from fellow fit pros)

Listen. Learn. And above all else... take action!


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