The Top Article of the Week

We can all recognize this principle in both ourselves and our clients.

How can we overcome it to ensure that it doesn't negatively affect progress?

Read on to find out in the top fitness article of the week.

General Health

The Comparison Trap: Can You Use it for Good? -- Amanda Perry

The ONE Thing Suffocating Your Progress -- Andrew Holmes, Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

The Value In 30 Challenge -- Leigh Peele

Tip: Why You Look Preggo on a Healthy Diet -- Dani Shugart, T Nation

Sweet vs. regular potatoes: Which potatoes are really healthier? -- Krista Scott-Dixon and Brian St. Pierre, Precision Nutrition

Strength Training

Low-Load Training for Hypertrophy Works in the Lab. Will It Work in the Gym? -- Eric Helms, Stronger By Science

The Art of Ruthless Consistency -- Jorden Pagel

How Fitness Equals Freedom  -- Pat Flynn

What You Need to Know to Get Started With Powerlifting  -- Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake, Girls Gone Strong

8 Lessons From Glute Girls -- Paul Carter, T Nation

Fat Loss

The Best Diet For You -- Scott Tousignant

The Right Diet for Your Personality Type -- Chris Shugart, T Nation

Coaching Clients Who Want Their “Pre-Baby Body” Back -- Carolina Belmares, Girls Gone Strong

Ask Rudy: The Paleo Diet--Rudy Mawer


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Open A Gym -- Tony Gentilcore

What To Do When Success Breeds Stagnations-- John Romaniello

Optimize Your Marketing Plan To Get More Leads -- Ryan Ketchum

If You Think Success Is Nothing But Fun You Need to Understand This About Critics -- Kimanzi Constable, Entrepeneur

Four Simple Steps To Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions -- Erika Andersen, Forbes