The Top Article of the Week

New research is in on the age-old low carb VS. low fat debate. In this week's top article, Brad Dieter breaks down the data, and what it means for your clients.

General Health

A Better Paradigm for Health Professionals: The Biopsychosocial Renaissance -- Aiden Mackey, Sigma Nutrition

Gratitude Comes From Noticing Your Life, Not From Thinking About It -- David Cain

Why You Can’t Train a New Mom Like Any Other Type of Client -- Kristy Ware, The PTDC

Balance And Efficiency: A Method To Stabilize Your Body -- Jennifer Pilotti, Breaking Muscle

Strength Training

A Subtle Reminder That Lifting Weights Is Supposed To “Stress” the Body -- Tony Gentilcore

The Advice I’d Give To My Beginner Self -- Joe Husky, Health Living, Heavy Lifting

The Athlete's Toolbox: An Unbeatable Mind -- Kyle Flynn, Breaking Muscle


Fat Loss

Veganism: The Miracle Weight Loss Diet? -- Lucy Campbell, Food For Fitness

Are You Going On Another Diet To Lose Weight? That’s a Shame & Here's Why... -- Aidan D'Arcy

6 Reasons Your Morning Weight Jumps That Aren’t Related to Fat Gain -- Landon Poduran.



How To Build Systems To Automate Your Fitness Business -- Ryan Ketchum

The Importance of Client Retention -- Tony Gentilcore

Becoming A Leader In Your Fitness Business-- Ryan Ketchum