The Top Article of the Week

Mastering the Basics Must Precede Embracing a Specific Methodology -- John O'Neil,

This week's top article won't teach you some groundbreaking new training method. Nor will it teach you the "best" nutrition protocol. In fact, it'll tell you to stop looking for it (especially if you're in the first few years of your fitness career).

See, most new trainers think they need the most advanced fitness methodologies known to humanity. They need to wow their clients with sophisticated physiological jargon every session.

What they forget, however, is their number-one responsibility: to get their clients results. And what's the best way to fulfill this responsibility?

Master the basics. Enjoy.


General Health

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Fat Loss

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Strength Training

7 Eccentric Landmine Methods for Strength, Size, and Muscle Function -- Joel Seedman, Advanced Human Performance

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