The Top Article of the Week

A paragraph maybe. Two, tops. Yeah. You were fairly certain that an internet article calling one exercise "underrated" couldn't be more than a 30 second read.

Then you saw the name. Greg. Greg Nuckols. The man who wrote a 100 page dissertation last year about "How to Bench Press". Whether you're only vaguely familiar with the trap bar deadlift, or you have posters of the exercise covering your bedroom walls, you just might learn a thing or two in this week's top fitness article from anywhere on the internet. Enjoy.

General Health

Stop Being A Dick To Yourself -- Krista Scott-Dixon

In Praise Of Thickness -- Krista Scott-Dixon

There is Trained, and There is Untrained -- Alexander Cortes

It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie -- Dan Trink

Why I Love Being Big -- Erin Brown via Girls Gone Strong

Strength Training

Female Soccer Players: Strengthen These 3 Key Areas -- Lori Lindsey

5 Steps To Building A Pain-Free Deadlift -- Matthew Ibrahim, Dr John Rusin

Physique Training For Athletes -- Eric Bach

3 Simple Squat Depth Solutions -- Dean Somerset

The Humble Goblet Squat -- Shane Mclean,

Fat Loss

Overfat – Why it’s the Latest Buzzword in the World of Weight-Loss -- John Falkinder

Weight Loss Isn’t a Race -- Dean Somerset

An Alternative To Willpower For Losing Fat -- Ines Subashka


Put Your Money On The Darkside: Why "Better Marketing" Is Bullshit -- James Fell

Strength and Conditioning Coach: It’s Not a Hobby. It’s a PROFESSION. -- Erica Suter

How to Use Psychology to Create High-Performing Content -- Eric Siu,

3 Ways Technology Can Motivate Clients To Exercise More -- Amanda Vogel, NASM

Why Online Personal Training is Pretty Cool -- Tim Henriques, National Personal Training Institute