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When you walk into most commercial gyms or personal training studios, you will see an abundance of people performing squats, deadlifts, and many other great exercises, on Bosu's, wobble boards, or other unstable surfaces. Unfortunately, what many of these people, including a large number of fitness professionals, don't realize is that these exercises would be significantly more effective, and for a wide array of goals, if they were done on a stable surface, with proper form, and with more resistance. There is so much research out there that has come to this conclusion.

In this article, Meghan Callaway discusses some of her go-to exercises that involve smarter alternatives to traditional unstable surface training, and she provides an exercise for each of the 6 fundamental movement patterns. While Meghan made it very clear that most of her preferred methods of training are done on stable surfaces, and with stable objects, there is a time and a place to incorporate some of these innovative and effective exercises into your overall training program.

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