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You've heard of the transtheoretical model of behavior change -- its five stages of behavior change have been studied and rehashed by plenty of writers in the fitness community. According to this model, our typical method of behavior change moves from precontemplation, to contemplation, to planning, to action, to maintenance. Actual change happens between stages 2 and 3, when we move from contemplation to planning, but while it sounds like the move into stages 4 and 5 might be more permanent, the fact is that plenty of people still regress from those stages. We all know someone who has lost weight, for example, and gained it back, or who has quit smoking only to pick it back up again.

How do the people who do succeed in permanent behavior change differ from those who don't? What happens to them between stages 2 and 3 that creates permanent change? James Fell looks at this question, finding that the difference has more to do with the why behind the change. Specifically, those who experience lasting lifestyle change have an a-ha moment, an epiphany, where the path to change becomes not just a new thing to do but the only thing to do. The natural follow up question, whether we can trigger the a-ha moment ourselves, is one of importance to trainers. Can we set ourselves, or our clients, up so that an epiphany will happen?

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