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The Top Article of the Week

Crushing Online Coaching For Aesthetics -- Bryan Krahn, RippedBody.com


Most training clients are not elite, they are not athletes, and they are not in the training game for the pure joy of movement. The most common trainee goals are to look good, feel good, and be able to live a comfortable life. While these trainees can make awesome gains toward these goals via a number of training protocols when they first start training, eventually, training protocols need to shift. And if looking good is still goal #1, you'll need to become versed in programming for hypertrophy to keep your trainee's gains coming.

While Bryan Krahn might use the system he shares this week for online hypertrophy programming, the rocks of this approach are a sound foundation for in-person hypertrophy programming as well. Info on customizing this approach based on your trainee's age, leanness, and schedule is included as well, so you can customize your programming for just about any trainee.

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