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Zero dollars.

That's how much Jon Goodman's latest tip for getting a new client will cost you. And let's be honest -- in a world where marketing yourself seems more like a full-time job than coaching is, simple is likely better. As always, the system Jon introduces in this week's post is effective, actionable, and reusable.



Debunking the Breakfast Myth -- Tommy Cole, Healthy Living Heavy Lifting

The Evolution of The Flexible Dieter -- Dan Mitchell, Shredded By Science

Fermented Foods, Neuroticism, and Social Anxiety -- Kamal Patel

How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely -- Kris Gunnars

Lessons in 'Chocolat': Keeping Food a Pleasure, for Better Fat Loss and Better Health -- Joy Victoria


General Health

Is One-on-One Personal Training Really Dead? -- Eric Cressey

Precision Nutrition Coaching Revealed and accompanying infographic -- John Berardi, Precision Nutrition

Kelly Starrett, Mobility, and CrossFit -- Dr. John Rusin with Kelly Starrett, T-Nation

The Repeated Bout Effect: If Nothing Changes, Nothing is Going to Change -- James Clear

Chronic Pain: How to Effectively Deal With It and Heal -- Dr. Alison Chen



Density Training To Kickstart Stubborn Muscle -- Danavir Sarria, JMax Fitness

Power Up Your Muscle Building Potential -- Eric Bach, Roman Fitness Systems

Squats Versus Hip Thrusts: EMG Activity -- Bret Contreras

Intelligent Core Finishers (Part 1) -- Chad Rodgers

7 Ways for Experienced Lifters to Stimulate Muscle Growth -- Mike Dewar, Breaking Muscle


Strength Training

How Lifters Can Unleash Athletic Power -- Eric Bach, TonyGentilcore.com

Beat Your Bench Press Sticking Point! -- Tony Bonvechio, The Strength House

Training to Failure: 5 Questions You Need to Answer -- Jordan Syatt, Born Fitness

The Lost Art of the Push-Up, Its Many Variations & Functions -- Meghan Callaway, DrJohnRusin.com

Stronger in 60 Seconds: Build a Bigger Bench -- Adam Pine


Fat Loss

Building Better Habits: Re-Framing Your Fitness -- Jason Helmes

The Top 6 Reasons Why You're Hungry (and How to Fix it) -- Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

How to Make Your Diet Palatable -- Anthony Dexmier

Study Suggests We're Doomed to Stay Fat. Wait, What!? -- Steve Kamb

Fat Loss For New Moms -- Brooke Larson, GGS