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What is the Mandela effect?

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General Health

I feel fat. -- Jessi Kneeland

No One Can Tell You How To Live -- Erica Suter

No Parents, Your Children Aren't "Stealing Food" (And Some Thoughts On How To Silently Cultivate Better Choices) -- Yoni Freedhoff

"Anti-aging" is marketing bullshit -- Karina Inkster


Strength Training

Training Frequency for Strength Development: What the Data Say -- Greg Knuckols

The Lost Art of Time Under Tension -- Tony Gentilcore

Protein and Muscle Growth: Is One Gram Per Pound Too Much? -- Christian Finn

What Coaches Need to Know About Childbirth -- Heba Shaheed, Girls Gone Strong

How to Crush Your Workouts, Not Your Joints -- Linden Ellefson, JMax Fitness


Fat Loss

How to Stay Lean Without Losing Your Mind -- James Fell

The Basics of a Diet Break -- Alycia Israel, Elite FTS

The Aggressive Diet for Natural Guys -- Kevin Mullins


Mastering Your Personal Training Client Conversion Strategy -- Ryan Ketchum

The Secret To Gaining Control Of Your Free Time-- Pamela Hernadez

Balancing Creativity and SEO in Content Writing -- Chris Porteous, Entrepreneur