The Top Article of the Week

Corrective Exercise Part 3: Correcting the Knees and Ankles -- Kevin Mullins,

In this week's top article, Kevin Mullins breaks down the problems your clients will have with their feet and ankles -- and gives solutions.

General Health

Discipline in Training and Life -- Joe Schillero, Elite FTS

How Nutrition Can Fuel Your Clients' Movement -- Amanda Boyer, NASM

2019 Inland Empire Fitness Conference Take-Aways -- Steve Hicks, Simple Success Fitness

Fat Loss

Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph: What Does It Mean for Your Diet and Workout? -- Menno Henselmans,

Why Very Low Calorie Diets (500-1,000 Calories a Day) Don't Work -- Jay, A Workout Routine

The Last 5 Pounds of Fat -- Paul Carter, T Nation

Strength Training

Critical Review of "Anthropometrical Considerations for Customizing the Squat Pattern" -- Brent Brookbush, Brookbush Institute

When Did Everyone Become Allergic to the Eccentric? -- Eric Maroscher, Elite FTS

The New 40-30-5 Method -- Christian Thibaudeau, T Nation

Tip: Two Minutes to a Better Bench Press -- Gareth Sapstead, T Nation


The Ten Commandments of Personal Training -- Kevin Mullins, the PTDC