The Top Article of the Week

Anybody can write a workout program.

What differentiates the mediocre from the great in our industry, is the ability to help clients adhere to said program. Adherence is a complex issue with many factors, but one of its foundations is a basic understanding of the science. Your client needs a 5th grade understanding (at least) of the science behind whatever transformation you're guiding them through. Otherwise, they'll be your client today, and Dr. Oz's tomorrow.

In light of this reality, some may view personal trainers as educators. Personally, I see them as myth-busters. The myth we examine in this week's top article is "food addiction". Is there any physiological evidence behind the idea? Steve Hall lets us know.


General Health

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Strength Training

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Fat Loss

What To Do When You Eat Healthy But Can’t Lose Weight -- Nia Shanks

Practice Consistency As A Skill -- Mark McAuley, Breaking Muscle

Quick Weight Loss – 5 Scientifically Proven Methods -- Rudy Mawer


Taking A Stand And Fighting For My Message Of Authenticity, Integrity, And Consistency" --  Meghan Callaway

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Muscles and Misogyny: Sexism in the Fitness Industry -- James Fell