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You are not your clients. The majority of the time that is.

Fit pros need to remember that the general population don't always love exercise, and it isn't their number one priority like it can be to us. Looking after their ill child, or doing overtime at work often takes precedence to them over training.

This doesn't make them a bad client. It means that we as coaches need to identify which habits they would most benefit from building, and help them to integrate these with minimal disruption to their busy lives.

The reason most people fail using fad diets is their extreme nature. It would be much more manageable for our client to reduce 10 coffees every day to 8, 8 to 6, and so on, as opposed to going from 10 to 3 in one go. Small steps.

Here are five ways you can begin to positively affect their mindset in order to improve behaviour/habit-building for better results.


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