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Author: Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins, CSCS, is director of product development and education for the St. James in Springfield, Virginia. Before that he was a master trainer at Equinox in Washington, D.C. He’s the author of Day by Day: The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success and Elite Program Design Concepts, and a frequent contributor to the PTDC. You can connect with him at his website.

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10 Straight-Up Wrong Things People Still Believe About Fitness and Nutrition in 2023

For some reason, when it comes to fitness, science keeps getting ignored.

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Metabolic Conditioning: Don’t Say It Unless You Understand It

Metabolic conditioning is incredibly popular, but few trainers understand how it works. Here’s what you need to know to use it effectively.

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Five Exercise Principles Every Personal Trainer Must Know in 2023

Whether you train clients online or in person, you need to understand energy systems, force vectors, and human behavior, and why they matter

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What’s the Difference Between a Fitness Coach and a Personal Trainer?

Are you a personal trainer or a fitness coach? There is a difference. How you distinguish yourself will greatly affect your career.

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The Ten Commandments of Personal Training

Follow these rules, and avoid these temptations, to have a long and prosperous fitness career.

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How to Make Sure You Aren’t One of the Bad Trainers Ruining Our Profession

Fitness pros have to stop abusing the power they have over their clients. Here are better ways to serve those clients, and improve the industry in the process.

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A Letter to My Younger Self: Five Lessons from 10 Years of Personal Training

How do you handle a toxic client? Avoid burnout? Get the right kind of attention? After 17,000 coaching hours, here’s what one trainer wishes he could’ve known when he started out.

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Stop Training Your Clients Like CrossFitters, Bodybuilders, or Powerlifters

No matter how well your favorite training style works for you, few clients share your goals. Even fewer are ready for such advanced workouts.

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Is Your Fitness Programming Good Enough? Read 7 Principles to Stop Getting Laughed at By Clients and Trainers

Here’s what a program is and isn’t, along with seven principles that create the best workout routine and maximize your clients’ results, including the HIDDEN VARIABLE to change in all great programs.

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8 Ways to Get a Fully Booked Client Schedule

Many personal trainers struggle to build a full, consistent client list. If that’s you, stop everything you’re doing and try these non-obvious strategies instead.

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