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Author: Eric Bach

Eric Bach is a coach, author of The Power Primer, and fitness business consultant in Denver, Colorado. Eric's passion is on simplifying fitness, helping clients get great results through the ruthless execution of the basics. Find out more on his website Bach Performance, or hang out on Facebook.

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Should Your Clients Be Doing the Olympic Lifts?

Olympic lifts are more popular than ever, but when should we consider teaching our clients to perform them?

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5 Daily Habits That Will Make You a Better Personal Trainer

There are a million things you can do every day, but these are the five that actually matter.

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Why Personal Trainers Need Their Own Coaches and Mentors

You coach clients so they could be the best version of themselves, so why not have a coach help you do the same for yourself and your business?

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6 Techniques For How To Build Maximum Client Trust and Rapport

Personal training MUST be personal. Here's 6 ways to go the extra mile for your clients so that you can make more by keeping them longer.

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How to Gain More Referrals By Referring Clients Out To Your Professional Network

If you want to be world class, you need to build a World Class Network

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Power versus Strength for General Population Clients

Our industry is too focused on improving one quality above all others: maximum strength.

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How Trainers Can Advise On Questions About Nutritional Supplements

Do you succumb to the world of magical pills, gift-granting unicorns, and personal genies at every corner to appease aesthetic and performance demands?

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Exercise Rest Periods for Workouts are the Middle Child of Exercise Programming -- Forgotten and Neglected

To help your clients reach optimal performance the rest periods need to be on point. Here's what you need to know ...

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The 5 Things to do When You Decide to Switch Gyms

Moving gyms is a daunting decision that must be carefully analyzed. There's 5 things that you must do...

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Top 17 Mistakes New Personal Trainers Make

You have it all figured out, don't you?

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