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Best Content of the Week

In this week's issue: Discover all your options for personal trainer education (and find out which are right for you). Watch a few inspiring stories that will give you a new appreciation for the term "adaptive athlete." Learn one marketing expert's simple 5-step system for creating content. And listen in to an unapologetically overweight "weirdo" on how and why she came to love exercise.

— Dani Singer

Best Article

The Honest Truth About Personal Trainer Education -- David Rosales, the PTDC

There are a lot of ways to become a qualified personal trainer, from the conventional path of a formal education to the hands-on tactic of diving in head first. Neither way is wrong, says David Rosales. But the unconventional way helps you identify gaps in your knowledge and what you really want to learn.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

10 Adaptive Strength Sports Athletes You Should Know in 2021 -- Phil Blechman, BarBend

This video features adaptive athletes whose accomplishments will leave you in awe and ready to push yourself to your full potential. It's also a great reminder that we're really only limited by our own self-belief and that every client we work with is capable of amazing things.


Best Social Media Post

Posted by Amy Porterfield on Tuesday, January 27, 2021

As a trainer and coach, you know that the best way to reach a goal is to have a plan and be consistent. This same logic applies to your social media feed. Amy Porterfield, online marketing expert, provides five steps to help you to master content creation.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Move More ... But for the Right Reasons with Jessamyn Stanley -- The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Jessamyn Stanley is the self-proclaimed opposite of the typical yogi. She is Black, Queer, unapologetically overweight, and a "weirdo." Jessamyn talks about how she went from hating her body and exercise, to embracing awkwardness and imperfection during yoga. She describes her idea of yoga as a tool not for body transformation but rather a practice of self-forgiveness. She encompasses a self-love attitude and inspires anyone who doesn't think exercise is for them.

— Mike Howard

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