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Jonathan Goodman

Before starting thePTDC and leaving training to grow this site, Jon’s fitness career spanned all areas: Personal trainer, group exercise instructor, personal training manager, national and international workshop presenter.

Jonathan Goodman ptdc
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And… that’s enough of 3rd person.

Here’s what happened and how I’ve gotten to where I am and why it matters to you.

I trained a lot of clients and always loved to read. Reading both fitness and business books an hour a day gave me a leg up on my competition. I quickly got promoted to senior trainer and became responsible for hiring and growing a team.

After getting frustrated trying to find appropriate resources for trainers, I decided to write my own. The result was Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career. 3 years later and I’m honored that the book has been bought by thousands and used in Colleges and mentorships around the World.

To help promote the book I started thePTDC but recognized that I didn’t know everything, so started networking and finding the best trainers around the World. The result is what you see here, and it’s freakin’ awesome!

Since its development, thePTDC has opened my eyes to the World of marketing information online. Grudgingly I took the necessary step away from training clients to develop this site and my other interests full time.