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Race to the Top

Race to the top social media book jonathan goodman

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Some Information About Race to the Top

You probably came to this site through social media. Maybe you were referred through a friend or maybe you saw one of our articles pop up in your Facebook or Twitter feed. Well, you just proved that Jon knows what he’s talking about. Almost every business is failing at social media. They’re focusing on analytic measures like “likes” and “followers” but forgetting that the point of social media for business is to sell your stuff, not pump your numbers. The following is a review that was posted on the Amazon page. I’ll let him do the talking for me:

“As someone who makes a portion of his living as a personal trainer, I understand that marketing can be an important piece in the puzzle. Unfortunately, a lot of trainers, myself included, aren’t always comfortable in the role of “salesman”. Adding further to this issue, is the fact that most Social Media Marketing books all read the same: Saturate the feeds, use SEO (good or bad), etc. It is all so impersonal. In fact, I am fairly certain that you have seen these tactics at work if you have any friends in your network that are into MLM. Admit it, you have at least a few people on your Facebook “friends” list that you have blocked (or even removed) due to an incessant stream of blatantly transparent marketing.

Goodman’s book is like the proverbial “breath of fresh air”. The essence of Goodman’s text can be summed up in one sentence: Just be yourself. Everyone has a blog, everyone has a site, and everyone has something to sell…what are you doing that makes you different?

Goodman believes that the most important tool is the Facebook Feed, as there is no better way to get referrals and sales than using the network you already have established. The only problem is making sure that you are doing it right, in order that you don’t completely alienate everyone.

The key, as outlined in this book, is to get people to share and “like” your posts and content, vice having them label you as a spammer. Tips are offered that can be used “out of the box”, or adapted to fit your own personal preferences and brand, but this isn’t just a typical plug-and-play guide, as Goodman stresses the need to think for oneself and create your own techniques based off of his suggestions. He gives you excellent tips on certain items you might be wasting your time on (i.e. print ads) and things you might need to be developing more (hint: your blog).

Aside from Facebook, he gives helpful tips on how to get your content shared more, and the answer does NOT lie in engaging the current industry leaders. The section that discuss “not being a carpenter ant”, and “being opportunistic”, was worth the price of the book alone, as his recommendations as to who you REALLY should be paying attention to were unexpected.

It is a quick read, but is obviously meant to be read more than once, as there is an awful lot of great information here. Seriously, it would be impossible for me to list everything Goodman mentions. There is a lot to think about within the pages of this book, and it is best read with a notebook at your side so you can write down specific action items and reminders.

I have read many marketing books in my quest to take my training business to the next level. Goodman’s book did not disappoint and gave me much more to think about than the typical cookie-cutter Social Media Marketing books that are currently available. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan P.

Download a sample chapter of Race to the Top now.

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