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About the Personal Trainer Development Center

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How the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC) will help you get more clients, become a better trainer, and achieve more personal and professional success.

This site covers everything a personal trainer needs to know beyond exercise prescription. I’m Jon Goodman and, while this is my baby, it’s not a solo effort.

It’s the work of 30+ of the best trainers from around the world and a network of 1,000′s of trainers worldwide.

Personal training is an amazing job but it’s difficult. You’re on your own and, even with management, proper guidance in what it really takes to be successful is few and far between.

Advice on exercise prescription or the secretzz to getting a six-pack is everywhere online. That’s why I decided to let other experts cover those topics and stick to what really makes a personal trainer successful on this site.

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Here you will:

√  Learn how to create passive income streams that will last a lifetime.
√  Crack the code to selling any client.
√  Understand how to manage your time so that you can be efficient and make the most money.
√  Figure out which certification is right for you.
√  Become versed in dealing with challenging client types.
√  Be trainer on what it takes to generate long-term wealth as a personal trainer.
√  Create multiple passive income streams that will last a lifetime.
√  Brush up on your training systems or develop new systems to monitoring and developing clients.
√  And lots more…

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thePTDC was formed off of the heels of my book, Ignite the Fire: The Secrets of a Successful Personal Trainer Career. As a trainer who hired, trained, and mentored other trainers I looked everywhere for resources to refer people to. I found tons of great exercise prescription advice but was frustrated at the lack of information that taught trainers how to actually be trainers.

The material that I did find was in training courses and in textbooks. So I set out to build a blog to make the information more fun. I wanted to mesh it with comedy and anecdotes and be an enjoyable and educational read. ThePTDC prides itself on being as simple as possible, but not any simpler.

The response to my idea blew me away. What followed showcased the power of an idea and a movement that was desperately needed. Some of the top figures in the fitness industry generously donated their time and contacts to help build this site. What started as my little blog has turned into the biggest collaborative blogging effort for personal trainers — I couldn’t be happier.

There’s a paradigm shift going on in our industry. Quality is improving the more and more people are hiring trainers. The United States Board of Labor expects personal training to grow by 24% from 2010-2010; this is faster than the average for every other profession.

There’s never been a better time to become a personal trainer. We’re here to help. Join the movement by entering your email below for your 3 free Ebooks and lots of premium content. This will help you avoid mistakes that could be killing your business, teach you marketing, and help you create passive income streams.

Thanks for checking out the site and I’m excited to have you as a part of our community.

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Talk soon,
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