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Author: Avigayil Basser

Avigayil Basser is the lead customer support specialist for the Personal Trainer Development Center. She lives in Toronto with her husband and toddler son. She is trained in martial arts, and has participated in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions (you know, before she had a kid).

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How to Master Your Mindset as an Online Personal Trainer

Learn to make decisions quickly and confidently so you can move your online coaching business forward.

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How to Use Social Media to Get Clients

This online trainer went from “starving” to successful, by posting daily online.

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Three Steps for Making Your Dream Fitness Business a Reality

Learn how one fit pro made her vision happen.

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Two Ways to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

This once-overworked trainer now finishes most workdays by noon. Find out how he did it, and how you can do it too.

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Make Your Personal Training Job Work for You

This new mom does just that—by running an online training business in five hours a week.

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Reduce Your Hours, Keep Your Income

Most trainers work hard, but few work smart. Learn the tried-and-true methods that help trainers gain money and avoid burnout.

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Find More Time in Your Day with This Dirty Trick

How do you find more time to build a scalable business online? This personal trainer shares his strategy for creating extra hours in your day.

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Five Ways to Speed Up Your Success as a Personal Trainer

This online coach and gym owner reveals the strategies that move his personal training business forward.

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Are You Getting Enough Done?

Find out how this “chaotic” mom uses systems to grow her online personal training business.

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The Single Best Way to Sell Personal Training Online

Focus not on what will stay the same, but rather on what will be better.

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