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Scott Tate

Scott Tate, H.BSc. Human Kinetics, FMS I & II, is a sought after personal trainer and health and fitness consultant in Toronto. He is also one of the few fitness professionals working with people with Parkinson Disease.

… to take a page from Jon’s book, enough with the 3rd person!

I’m presently the Director of Team Growth and Development at Body + Soul Fitness, a personalized health and fitness company in Toronto, Ontario and graced with an excellent team of professionals that push me to stay on top of my game!

I received my degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph, focusing my research projects on gait and balance including a research thesis on wear and tear of total knee replacements (… mostly because knee injuries had plagued my high-school sports career and I was convinced this was where I was heading!)

I attained a University of Guelph Weight Training Supervisor Certificate that was combined with a Can-Fit-Pro cert and quickly found Dr. Stuart McGill and focused my teaching and training on a Spine-first approach to rehab movements in people with moderate to severe back pain, and exercise for the more general population, falling in love with the opportunity to teach and promote health as a personal trainer, I haven’t looked back!

I’m always looking for new perspectives to hone my ‘trainers eye’ and constantly search for new ways enhance my performance, teaching and coaching of movement with a goal of mastery for myself, and my clients, rather than using exercise as simply a means to an end.

You can connect with Scott on Facebook or Instagram.