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Sam Leahey

Sam Leahey is a Sports Performance Coach servicing athletes in the Bay Area of California.

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Sam Leahey possesses the unique ability to combine his backgrounds in academics, athletics, and formal internships to create highly effective programs for optimal health and performance to athletes and clients of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

Sam took on his first client in 2004 at a typical Gold’s Gym in Cranston Rhode Island and has since worked with a range of demographics spanning from general fitness clients to high school, collegiate, minor league/semi-pro, professional, and Olympic level athletes. Furthermore these demographics were spread over both collegiate and high school settings as well as private training facilities and commercial gyms around the country.

He has been a guest author on Eric Cressey, Michael Boyle, Bret Contreras,Patrick Ward, Mark Young, and Robbie Bourke’s websites as well as being published by,, and Personal Trainer Development Center.

Willingly and with vigor, Sam seeks to develop an extraordinary level of excellence rooted in science and best practices. Above all, his most notable quality that shines through to his clients and fellow colleagues is simply – passion!

While prepared in a variety of bodies of knowledge, Sam particularly specializes in applied exercise science under the guides of biomechanics, physiology, and psychology as they relate to program design and manual therapy for athletic performance enhancement as well as remedial exercise. Feel free to contact Sam at