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Paul Valiulis

Paul Valiulis personal trainer marketing
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Paul Valiulis personal trainer marketingPaul Valiulis is a Nutrition Coach with Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition company. He holds an Honours BA in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. And he has quite a story to tell about his own journey — and how he uses it to help others.

In 2005, as an anorexic marathon runner, Paul hit an obstacle that sent his whole life careening into the gutter. Paul was a hardcore runner already on a slew of antidepressants. When his knees gave out, he was in trouble. Paul’s one crutch was gone.  Plummeting into a horrible depression, Paul was forced to withdraw from school. He couldn’t hold a job, struggled to get out of bed, and soon began relying on food as a means of coping. He developed a binge eating disorder.

On the days where he could bring himself to do something, Paul lifted weights. He skyrocketed to 207 lbs. Paul found that drugs and psychotherapy made little difference. He was having difficulty patching things up and moving forward. Paul realized that if he was to pull his entire life back together again, it would have to be done from the ground-up…. using a completely different approach. He started  the self-development books of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Wayne Dyer. Paul says:

“These were ideas I’d never heard of. Stuff like making your life better by changing the way you think. Like living with a sense of purpose. And always taking responsibility for the things that you don’t like in your life.”

Life began to get  better for Paul. He came off all medications, reduced his psychotherapy, returned to school, and developed a strong brotherhood at his University gym.

Paul then herniated a disk, and fell briefly back into depression.  Thankfully, his buddies were there to catch him. They picked him up and encouraged him to keep training.  After 7 months of restricted movement, light weight, stretching, mobility, and physio, he was ready to return – this time better and wiser than ever.

Launching an all-out attack on Dr. John Berardi & Mike Mejia’s “Scrawny to Brawny”, Paul was able to regain 20+ lbs of lean mass, reduce his body fat, and secure a coaching position with Precision Nutrition.

Paul currently resides in Vancouver, B.C., coaching internationally, and travelling the world;.  He spends his time reading, writing, and conferencing with experts in the field of nutrition, coaching, and self-development.

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

Paul can be reached at:
For More information on the Scrawny to Brawny coaching program:Scrawny to Brawny