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Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell is the founder of Ultimate Performance, the UK’s foremost personal training business, and has been hailed by Charles Poliquin as “Europe’s best personal trainer”, and by both Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness as “one of the world’s leading body composition experts”.

A former competitive strength and physique athlete, Nick Mitchell has worked with an array of professional athletes, bodybuilders, movie and pop stars, but he is best known for his ability to radically change a client’s physique in record time. Nick is the only trainer to have taken untrained individuals and in 3 months or less put them on the cover of the two highest circulating fitness magazines, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness.

Nick has become one of the most sought after experts in the fitness world and is known as the man who can get anyone “cover model” ready. This reputation has been crystallised with the ongoing growth of Ultimate Performance (UP), which within three and a half years of its formation has two private gyms in London, 35 Personal Trainers on staff, and with two more gyms, one being UP’s first international venture, due to open in 2013.