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Mark Young

Mark has 12 years of experience and well over 10,000 in-person training hours under his belt. On top of this, Mark has provided services to one of Ontario’s only government funded bariatric medical programs for the treatment of obesity.

Mark Young is part of a team of coaches at Lean Bodies Consulting that provide a new breed of diet and training coaching leading to dramatic physique transformations.

He holds a degree in kinesiology as well as a minor in psychology from McMaster University. Mark has done graduate level research in both biomechanics and exercise physiology as part of the world-renowned exercise metabolism research group under the guidance of Dr. Stuart Phillips.

He is the author of How to Read Fitness Research and his work has been featured on,,,, as well as print magazines like Experience Life and Muscle and Fitness.

Mark’s focus is on bringing research into practice. His goal within the PTDC is to help other trainers, coaches, and practitioners understand and implement evidence-based strategies for muscle gain, fat loss, and health.