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Graeme Thomas

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For Graeme Thomas there has been one constant from his days as a university athlete…through his years working as a personal trainer in a commercial gym setting…to his role today as a consulting sports nutritionist: he has always been fascinated by the importance of nutrition for optimizing peformance.

It was this fascination with all things nutrition that led Graeme to help co-found The Nutrition Academy, a company specializing in teaching lay people the optimal approaches for fat loss.

Graeme teaches part time in the department of Kinesiology at The University of Western Ontario. His client roster is fairly equally split between endurance athletes, bodybuilders and figure competitors, and everyday individuals interested in fat loss.

Although Graeme has always believed that quality nutrition education is fundamental for succeeding with body composition manipulation, he also realizes that information is just one piece of the puzzle. Far more important to long-term success is the need for individuals to adopt the attitude of “continual doing”, as opposed to just “simple knowing”. For this reason, many of Graeme’s current projects involve helping trainers and coaches better understand how current technologies and social media can be better leveraged. The goal is to help clients overcome perceived psychological barriers to success, and create the peer support networks critical for long-term success.

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